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Lamborghini Countach
LP500 Artwork
Countach (1974-1990)

The Countach (in Italian, Piemonte local language, the right pronunciation is KOON-tuck, in English most commonly pronounced KOON-tash) series of Lamborghinis were among the most remarkable cars of their time. Their striking appearance, extreme performance and outrageous price tag placed this car in a class of its own. Production spanned some 16 years and 1997 cars in various forms making it a legend that was difficult for Lamborghini to top.

Countach LP500
Countach LP400 Registry
Countach LP400S Registry
Countach LP5000S Registry
Countach LP5000S QV Registry
Countach Anniversario Registry

Modified Countaches of interest:
Countach Evoluzione
Alfieri/Mimran Super Countach L150
Bonneville Countach
RAIN-X Countach
Koenig Countach QV
QVX Countach

The Countach in Formula 1...

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