As with so many Lamborghini enthusiasts, it was a chance encounter with a Countach that made a huge impression on Registry founder Glen Kohut at the age of 15, launching him from having little interest in cars to what would later become an obsession.

Glen explains, "Seeing that red Alpine Countach #1121220 for the first time was like having a close encounter with an alien space ship. Cars I knew didn't look like that. They couldn't look that fantastic. It sparked my imagination and interest in Lamborghinis." That set him on a path to collecting not only Lamborghini models and literature but also information, photos and histories of individual cars.

Jumping forward to the mid 1990's Glen was able to finally connect with other like minded enthusiasts, most notable among them Marcel de Lange (Dec 29. 1963 - Oct 30. 2006) of the Netherlands, who shared what they had to help Glen build a database of Lamborghinis and histories based on the individual chassis numbers for each model beyond only the Countach. Making it all available online for other enthusiasts to access kicked off a snowball effect leading to a collection of information on thousands of cars.


Our community of enthusiasts sole purpose is to find and eventually document every Lamborghini automobile ever produced and make this information easily accessible to through this web site.

It is our mission to dispell myths, present the facts, introduce the owners and collectors, the race drivers and enthusiasts, and deliver the most comprehensive coverage of Lamborghini news and events outside of the factory itself.

We invite you to join as a member and add to your car's photos and history to the site for all to appreciate.