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Production Start: 1988

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Lamborghini Huracn Super Trofeo EVOs on track The Racing Lamborghnis

Lamborghini's involvement in racing can be traced back all the way to the beginning of the company's history with entries in various events by private individuals. But nothing serious ever came of most of these endeavours due to Ferruccio's resistance to factory participation in racing.

During the late 1980s Lamborghini spent a brief few years providing Formula 1 engines for various midfield teams but results failed to achieve the hoped for success to warrant continued development under Chrysler's ownership and the project was shelved.

Under Indonesian MegaTech ownership Diablo was developed into a track car for a new one-make series named Super Trophy, first with the Diablo SVR and later the GTR which helped promote the Diablo SV and GT street cars and little else. There were a few private outside teams that attempted to race the models on the international stage but again, limited success was had.

It wasn't until Audi's ownership that customer interest in racing grew to a point where Lamborghini saw enough potential to further pursue a race development program in partnership with Reiter Engineering, first with the Murcielago and later the Gallardo for track only use. The smaller, lighter Gallardo proved a better platform even with a smaller engine, but giving a better power to weigh ratio and better handling at a cheaper price than the V12 model. The combination proved irresistible and on track successes grew. The one-off Gallardo Supertrofeo racing series also saw greater success than the Diablo series and resulted in several hundred race cars including a GT3 version being built during the model's life.

The Huracan that followed continued the racing program with a Supertrofeo growing the one make series and achieving international successes in GT3.

Today the Squadra Corse department is helping develop the latest models and introducing an exclusive new "Corse Clienti" program for special clients wishing to experience racing in a private setting without the pressures of running a team. Squadra Corse also produced a few other one-off track focussed, exclusive models.
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