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Production Start: 1971

Registry (2,007)

LP500 Artwork


Countach (1974-1990)

The Countach (in Italian, Piemonte local language, the right pronunciation is KOON-tuck, in English most commonly pronounced KOON-tash) series of Lamborghinis were among the most remarkable cars of their time. Their striking appearance, extreme performance and outrageous price tag placed this car in a class of its own. Production spanned some 16 years and 1997 cars in various forms making it a legend that was difficult for Lamborghini to top.

Countach LP500
Countach LP500 Recreation
Countach LP400 Registry
Countach LP400S Registry
Countach LP5000S Registry
Countach LP5000S QV Registry
Countach 25th Anniversario Registry

Modified Countaches of interest:
Countach Evoluzione
Alfieri/Mimran Super Countach L150
Bonneville Countach
RAIN-X Countach
Koenig Countach QV
QVX Countach

The Countach Pace Cars in Formula 1...

Countach Versions

LP500S/LP5000S Countach

Production: 1982 - 1985

Total Produced: 321

Registry (324)

Tech Specs

LP5000S QV Countach

Production: Dec 1984 - 1988

Total Produced: 631

Registry (633)

Tech Specs

LP400 Countach

Production: 1974 - 1977

Total Produced: 150

Registry (153)

Tech Specs

Countach LP400S3

Production: 1978 - 1979

Total Produced: 83

Registry (83)

Tech Specs

Countach LP400S1

Production: 1978 - 1979

Total Produced: 50

Registry (50)

Tech Specs

Countach LP400S2

Production: 1978 - 1979

Total Produced: 105

Registry (105)

Tech Specs

LP112D Countach Anniversario 25th

Production: Sep 1988 - Apr 1990

Total Produced: 658

Registry (659)

Tech Specs