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Countach LP400S1

Production: 1978 - 1979

Total Produced: 50

Registry (50)

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LP400S Countach (237 Made 1978-82)

There are three distinct Countach LP400S Series.

Series One - The first 50 cars delivered with Campagnolo "Bravo" wheels in 1978 & 79. The very early 1978 cars had the original LP400 steering wheel. Small Stewart Warner gauges, 45mm carburettors and a lowered suspension (lowbody) setting is a trademark feature of this celebrated first series. Halfway through 1979's production, bigger gauges were employed. 50 cars were built and the last one is noted to be 1121100*

Series Two - These cars are recognized by their smooth finish dished/concave wheels, and still retain the lowbody setting. 105 cars were built and the last one is noted to be 1121310*.

Series Three - It is claimed that from chassis number 1121312 onwards, the cockpit space available was raised by 3cm. These cars are recognized by their raised suspension setting. 82 cars were built, and the last one is noted to be 1121468*

* The information posted as above is as a result of a combination of published material by in-the-period principals such as Marchet and de la Rive Box, direct interviews with Gian Paolo Dallara, Walter Wolf and Hubert Hahne, archived images, and inspection of the cars in both period and contemporary times. Factory record-keeping in the period was lacking, but the received wisdom pertaining to 3 distinct series within the model is quite clear. However, any information proving that the above quoted guidelines for the three series is incorrect, would be welcomed for review to determine if any change is warranted. The LP400S was introduced at the 1978 Geneva Motor Show.

Lamborghini LP400S Countach
Type60° V12, Longitudinal, Mid-Mounted, DOHC per bank
Valves2 per cylinder
Bore/Stroke82mm x 62mm
Carburation6 Twin-throat Webers 45 DCOE 96/97
Max power375bhp @ 8,000rpm
Torque285 ft/lbs @ 5,000rpm

Gearbox5-speed + reverse, All-Syncromesh
ClutchSingle dry plate, hydraulically operated

ChassisTubular Steel Space Frame
SuspensionIndependent, coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Axle Ratio11/45
BrakesGirling ventilated discs
WheelsCampagnolo cast magnesium 8.5 and 12 J
Front Tires205/50 VR-15 Pirelli P7
Rear Tires345/35 VR-14 Pirelli P7

Overall Length4140 mm / 161.5 in
Overall Width2000 mm / 78 in
Overall Height1070 mm / 41.7 in
Wheelbase2450 mm / 95.5 in
Front Track1490 mm / 58 in
Rear Track1605 mm / 62.3 in
Weight1360 kg / 2992 lb
Fuel Tank2 x 60 L / 2 x 16 gal

Top speed290 km/h / 179.8 mph


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