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Production Start: 1966

Total Produced: 1217

Registry (1,216)


Espada (1217 Made 1968-78)

The Espada Series of cars were Lamborghini's most successful model up until its time. Three different models of the Espada were produced, though distinguishing between them can difficult. Since Lamborghini always made running changes in mid-production many models had features of previous or subsequent series cars.

Espada S1 Registry
Espada S2 Registry
Espada S3 Registry

Special Modified Espadas of interest:
Espada Faena by Frua
Non-factory Espada Convertible

Espada Versions

Espada S1

Production: Mar 1968 - Nov 1969

Total Produced: 176

Registry (176)

Tech Specs

Espada S2 GTE

Production: Dec 1969 - Nov 1972

Total Produced: 578

Registry (578)

Tech Specs

Espada S3 GTE

Production: Dec 1972 - 1978

Total Produced: 472

Registry (462)

Tech Specs