Lamborghini News

18 May 2022

350GT the V12 that laid the foundations for Lamborghini's DNA

In the year of the V12, the story of the first: from its origins to the Aventador Ultimae, the last pure aspirated V12 from the House of Sant’Agata


21 April 2022

Huracán #20,000 rolls off the production line

Eight-year success story through 12 road and three track versions


14 April 2022

A record−breaking first quarter for Lamborghini: the best ever

Winkelmann: “Every month the orders we take outstrip our production”


7 April 2022

Lamborghinis Lost in Felicity Ace Transport Fire

86 Lamborghinis go down with the ship after fire near Azores


17 March 2022

2021: Lamborghini’s best year ever for sales, turnover and profitability

Donation to UNHCR in support of the Ukrainian population


16 March 2022

Lamborghini at Rétromobile 2022

A year dedicated to the history of the V12 engine gets underway with a display of two iconic legends: the Countach LP 500 and Miura SV



4 December 2021

Lamborghini celebrates the 4th anniversary of the Urus Super SUV

Record-selling Lamborghini model in four years and global success across all continents


16 November 2021

Lamborghini Jalpa turns 40

This year, Lamborghini celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Jalpa, the last grand touring sedan with V8 engine, presented for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1981.


5-6 November 2021

Lamborghini Day Japan 2021 Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Countach

10 Lamborghini Countachs selected to choose Japan's Best Countach on the 50th anniversary of the model in 2021.


4 November 2021

Huracán EVO #LLA12874 interpreted by artist Paolo Troilo

Unveiling in Milan of the work “Minotauro”: dynamism, power, and emotions expressed by finger painting on the car’s bodywork


Oct 22, 2021

Official statement from Marcello Gandini...

Marcello Gandini distances himself from the commercial operations of the Countach LPI 800-4 ("New Countach")


15 October 2021

The Lamborghini 3512 F1 Engines

Screaming Lamborghini V12 Engines Entered the Formula One 3.5 Liter Normally Aspirated Era

By Barton H. Workman - Exclusive to the Lamborghini Registry


01 October 2021

The reconstructed 1971 Lamborghini Countach LP500, is unveiled at Villa d’Este after 25,000 hours of work by Polo Storico...

The Countach LP 500 has returned, entered in the class reserved for concept cars at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. It is a passionate reconstruction carried out by Automobili Lamborghini’s Polo Storico that required over 25,000 hours of work on behalf of an important collector. The contribution of the Lamborghini Centro Stile was fundamental in the reconstruction of the bodywork and supervision of the styling.


29 September 2021

The 1979 Lamborghini Countach LP 400 S from the 1981 movie The Cannonball Run makes history...

Countach #1121112 is included on the shortlist of cars considered historically significant by the National Historic Vehicle Register at the United States Library of Congress.